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The flame underlying the creation of BSI is fired by the ever increasing number of businesses that go out of activity for lack of financing. The local banks are often not in a position to help and even when they do, it is done under such crushing conditions. Such companies, with no knowledge of the international financing landscape are forced out of business or stagnate and so, killing their vision to expand.

BSI has the magic solution. In 60 days, BSI WILL SOURCE FOR FINANCING for its customers.

We have gone into partnerships with both Multi-national and Multilateral Banks that are ready to finance going concerns to:

  • Expand their businesses
  • Mergers
  • To carry out General refurbishing
  • Financial restructuring
  • Purchase of Equipment
  • International Trade
  • Running capital, etc

BSI has an eloquent record of successes in these areas having sourced for financing for a good number of companies both multinational and local.

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