Our Services!!!

BSI has established a verifiable reputation in the following areas:


Business Representation

BSI brings business solutions to your doorsteps by offering representation for your business or the marketing of your products or services in Cameroon based on an agreed Memorandum of Understanding...



BSI has the magic solution. In 60 days, BSI WILL SOURCE FOR FINANCING for its customers...


Business cost management

Through its very thorough audit teams ,teams, BSI WILL Master your operational and fixed costs and make your profits bigger. BSI is the Solution!

Business Research and Incorporation

BSI is the solution... with our team of Business Research Experts, we will give you the ideal orientation and transform your dream to reality.





Customer service; Training and Coaching

Through its team of customer service experts, BSI will ensure that you keep your current clients loyal to you, acquire new customers, cope with challenging customers in a competitive sector such as banking, telecommunication, brewing, services, sales, medical services etc.